About Us

Brighter is a Polish, quickly developing brand of a professional stage lighting, based on a long term research and experience. Fundamental points of the brand’s business strategy are high quality, innovation and last but not least, reliability.

.Our strategy

The most important points of the brand’s business strategy are the care for the quality of manufactured devices, their innovation and reliability.


Luminaires produced by the Brighter brand are dedicated to stage, event companies, as well as permanent installations for theaters, concert halls, television, music clubs and other entertainment spaces.


The devices produced by the company are effective fixtures with functionality and parameters to meet the requirements of any event.


Brighter specializes in the production of IP65-rated devices, such as architectural floodlights (LED washers), LED strips (LED bars) and pairs (LED pairs).


The brand also offers smart devices, moving heads with modern functionality and high performance with modern functionality and high performance, as well as a range of theatrical products, including theatrical, including profile and Fresnel illuminators based on LED technology.